Buyer Protection

RaraMart never discloses customer`s private information. In cases where  concerned government body requres them, they may be provided those private information to the extent required by law.

Customers are protected from any scam or other loss that are caused by seller. Customers need to inform RaraMart office as soon as possible if they encounter any scam from our site. They will be enttled for refund or compensation.

RaraMart guarantee covers both the delivery on time and the condition of your items. If both are unsatisfied, you can report the problem to us and RaraMart will determine if you are eligible for a refund. Based on mutual understanding, delayed delivery will be addressed; sometimes the external conditions or factors may play role to delay it for instance custom clearance delay, natural disaster and so on. In such case RaraMart will not be responsible for the compensation.

Warranty period may vary based on items.

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About RaraMart

RaraMart is a business of World Connections Incorporation specializing in ecommerce, research and development, education. RaraMart was founded in 2017 August in Kobe City Japan with the motive of providing quality and comprehensive products at the cheapest prices. RaraMart is planning to operate online shoping platform globally. It has already started working in Japan and Nepal.    ...

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