Buyiers' Terms and Conditions

Buyers' Terms and Condition

Customers shall use this RaraMart website platform to buy the products. If someone uses this website, it means that they agree the terms and conditions mentioned below. 

1.     RaraMart assumes that customer buys the products by checking the size, color and other features. Customer should check the detail of the product description while buying. The prices of the same product may differ according to sellers. RaraMart is not liable to compensate the loss of order made by customers who buy without checking description and comparing the product prices.

2.    RaraMart take responsibility if the customers have not received the items or item is different than mentioned or product is initially defective.  

3.      If the product returned due to wrong delivery address, or seized in customs during delivery, the customer is responsible for the loss. If the item is not delivered due to customer’s mistake, customer is liable to bear the loss.

4.      If the item is not delivered due to customer’s mistake, customer is liable to bear the loss.

5.      If there is dispute between sellers and customers, they should agree to solve the issue by themselves and RaraMart shall play the role of moderator. If they do not come to the agreement, RaraMart takes action and judge the situation to make the final decision. Both sellers and customers should agree the final decision made by RaraMart.

6.      Customers understand that they are responsible accept the negative and positive effects of the products.

7.     Users of this site do not harm other users, sellers or RaraMart platform by writing negative comments or false information. However, customers are free to write the review of the products they bought.

8.      RaraMart may delate the data of customers such as profile, address, contact number, credit card number or other information without any prior notice. RaraMart will not be responsible for the loss caused by the removal of data.  

9.    RaraMart shall share customer’s information to third party such as seller, delivery company, custom agents for communication and delivery of the product to the designated address.  

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