Sellers' Terms and Conditions

Sellers’ Terms and Condition

Vendors shall use this RaraMart website platform to sell their products. If someone uses this website, it means that they agree the terms and conditions mentioned below. 

1.      Sellers are responsible to pay the compensation if the item is different than mentioned or product is initially defective.   

2.     RaraMart or its mother company World Connections Incorporation is not responsible if there are any damages or loss caused by the use of products sold by the seller. Seller should be fully responsible for the products they are selling. The seller should have permission to sell all copy rights products. RaraMart is only the platform to sell the products.

3.      If the product returned due to wrong delivery address, lost due to negligence of Transportation Company or seized in customs during delivery, the seller is responsible for the loss.

4.    If there is dispute between sellers and customers, they agree to solve the issue by themselves and RaraMart shall play the role of moderator. If they do not come to the agreement, RaraMart takes action and judge the situation to make the final decision. Both sellers and customers should agree the final decision made by RaraMart.

5.     Seller understands the technical problem that may happen on the website. If the data or the information entered by the seller removes due to system crash or any other internal problem, RaraMart or its owner World Connections Incorporation is not responsible for the loss.  

6.      If RaraMart finds some huge mistakes of the sellers, customers are not satisfied with the seller’s product due to low quality, RaraMart may delete the seller any time from the RaraMart Portal.

7.      RaraMart transfer seller’s income after 30 to 45 days or after receiving the products by the customers. RaraMart deducts 10% platform commission charge from the sellers’ income and sends remaining to the seller’s account. We send money to seller’s account twice in a month.

8.      Users of this site do not harm other users, sellers or RaraMart platform by writing negative comments or false information.

9.      RaraMart platform will be used for dispute resolution or compensation of the replaceable products.  

10.  Sellers are not allowed to sell illigal item or the items that make health and environmental hazzards. Only the quality products, liscenced products and products accepted by law of the concerned country are allowed to sell.


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